Making your window replacement plans a reality

First, contact us to make an appointment for a free home estimate by phone, email fax, or directly on our website on the Contact Us tab!

When our salesman arrives, he can explain the important information you need to know before purchasing new windows. You can ask any questions you may have to help you understand the process of purchasing new windows.

Next, the salesman will take measurements of all windows that you want to replace.

We can usually provide you with an estimate the same day.

If you are happy and want to proceed with the job, we can draw up and finalize the contract.

You will need to provide a deposit either by cash, check, or credit card.

Next, we will order your windows the next day from the manufacturer.

We usually get them delivered as soon as two weeks and no longer than four weeks.

We will call you ahead of time to schedule a time that’s good for both of us to install the windows.

We do installations seven days a week!

Most jobs, from one to eight windows, can be done in one day.

We can start as early as 9:00 am and finish the day by 6:00 pm.

The Work Steps Laid Out For You!

The installation process begins when our factory-trained installers start laying down drop cloths around the windows they will be working on. Next, they will proceed to remove the old windows. They will inspect the master frame to make sure the wood is level and secure! If any wood is rotted, it will be replaced at that point. They will then take measurements for the capping that gets installed around the exterior of the window. Capping is sheets of aluminum that is bent on a machine called a break. Capping is used to protect the wooden master frame. The new capping will be installed over the wood.

The new windows will now be installed by being screwed into the old master frame. The workers will install new stop molding around the interior perimeter of the window. Last, the windows will be sealed in and out with a high-quality polyurethane calk. This calk dries like rubber and will not crack like inferior calk years later. The way the calk is applied will blend your new window in with the capping to give a finished look.

The workers will clean up by sweeping up all debris around the work area and take away all garbage.

They will now show you how to operate your new windows and make sure they work properly.

Once you are happy, you will then pay the workers the balance.

Remember, if you’re satisfied with the job, please recommend us. Our business is built on happy, satisfied customers that helped us to grow for 56 years to the business we are today.


Welcome to our Window Repair Department. At Airlite Windows, our trained technicians will solve many window problems. If you need window repair Brooklyn, we’re here to help! The most common problems are from double-hung vinyl windows. Usually, the sashes will slam down or don’t stay up.

These problems can be fixed by replacing cracked or worn shoes. When dealing with aluminum windows, the balancers are usually the problem.

Either way, all our trucks are fully stocked with parts to make sure we can fix all your window problems on the spot.
We also do most window glass repair. If you have a broken window, we can fix it!

Another common problem is condensation. This usually occurs when the seal around the insulated glass fails. The glass will appear to be cloudy! We can replace the fogged glass the same day.

If you had window installations that weren’t calked properly or the capping needs to be replaced because your windows are drafty, we can help!

We can repair broken tilt latches or locks. If your sashes don’t line up to lock, we can get them to align and lock right.

We service over 10 property management companies in the area and would love to serve you!

All completed work comes with a one year warranty on parts and labor.

Our glass comes with a five-year warranty against condensation.

Call us today to see what we can do for you!